About Us

Our Mission

All life holds value: each individual is entitled to respect and dignity regardless of race, culture, religion, socio-economic or abilities and that all children are gifted but just open their presents at different times. Mariamís Footsteps Inc. believes that the responsibility of raising a child belongs to the community. Through our relationships and therapeutic expertise, children will continue to grow and be instilled with a sense of pride, connectedness and self-worth. We are committed to supporting children, youth and families in the realization of their own uniqueness, gifts and capabilities.

Our Vision

Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. is dedicated to excellence in skilled and therapeutic intervention to stabilize behavior; enhance the self-worth and dignity of each individual; and, promote healing of childhood and familial issues of neglect, abuse and trauma using holistic values.  Our guiding principle is to involve a non-institutional holistic approach of joining family values, concrete treatment modalities with unconditional acceptance and guidance in a group setting.  Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. is committed to giving children, youth and families the quality services that will provide for their physical, social, educational, medical, familial and cultural needs.

Value Statement with Guiding Principles

  • All persons are gifts and their healthy development is the responsibility of the whole community;
  • All persons have the ability to learn from their experiences provided that the appropriate guidance and environment is given;
  • Each person has an emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspect to their being and when a human has been injured, it affects all parts of their being.  Helping means being able to understand the effects of the injury and the healing of the whole being;
  • All people have and need a family.  This may not be comprised of our biological parents or siblings but can include those from our community who we choose as our own;
  • All people are equal regardless of their color, size or look.  Each person deserves to be treated fairly and with respect despite their past, present or the outlook of their future;
  • Children, youth and families deserve healthy relationships with one another and to be supported in the reintegration with their families through home visits, cultural assistance (if applicable), community resources, follow-up and/or referral services in the least disruptive manner possible;
  • All persons deserve the tools and resources to achieve a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, develop confidence in themselves and understanding holistic healing including love, integrity, respect, sharing and support;
  • All persons deserve predictable boundaries and consequences as taught through a therapeutic milieu;
  • All persons deserve skilled interventionists and programs to suit their uniqueness.

Contact Detail

24hrs Crisis Line: 780.340.7426

Phone: 780.462.7426 (780-4MARIAM) | 780.413.6856
Fax: 780.413.6857

Email: info@mariamsfootsteps.ca

202 - 3128 Parsons Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6N 1L6