About Us


Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. was founded in 2008 with specific emphasis on the provision of high quality and unique care to individuals based on the vision and mission of our organization.  Through research and consultation with the Ministry, stakeholders, community resources and consultants, Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. identified our community’s growing need for safe and loving homes for infants, children and youth that could remain adaptable to each individual’s unique circumstances and needs.  Our fundamental premise is “family”.  The nature of the family has been redefined in our society to include a new “organization” of significant people in one’s life that may be joined through ties of biological, kinship, community, spirituality, religion or culture.  It is not our role to define the “what” of a family but rather teach, support and guide vulnerable children and families to reunify in the healthiest of means possible and with the healthiest of relational skills, regardless if they reside as a family unit or not.  Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. holds faith that all persons, regardless of circumstance, endeavors to do “the best they can with what they have” and deserve to accomplish all that they desire. 

We are an organization built by family, who promote and are committed to family values and principles where practice of family is strongly reflected in every goal determined and intervention applied – every moment of every day for every specific child, youth or family member.   We are “united in healing – one step at a time”. 

Contact Detail

24hrs Crisis Line: 780.340.7426

Phone: 780.462.7426 (780-4MARIAM) | 780.413.6856
Fax: 780.413.6857

Email: info@mariamsfootsteps.ca

202 - 3128 Parsons Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6N 1L6