Assisted Visitation

The Assisted Visitation Program provides children and youth with the opportunity to have access to family, kin and/or significant others while in care and/or residing outside of their immediate home and community. This program aims to ensure the client is provided with an emotionally and physically safe environment while maintaining relationships with important persons in their lives and remaining involved in their community. Mariam's Footsteps Inc. endeavors to ensure the safety of all persons while visits occur in the community, home or program while providing objective insight into the interactions and relations between the client and others. Additionally, Assisted Visitation Workers will determine the guidelines for a successful and safe visit in coordination with children's services. Safety, in all contexts including physical and emotional, is paramount and visits may be ended prematurely should it be determined that there is a risk to continuing. Information regarding interactions and relations may be used for legal purposes and every visit will be documented with a report generated and forwarded if requested.

Drive Program

The Drive Program provides persons served the access to safe transportation for a variety of reasons including the facilitation of visits, attendance at school or appointments, involvement in recreational activities, etc. Mariam's Footsteps Inc. ensures that children, youth and families have access to one another and opportunities to increase their level of familial and personal functioning. Mariam's Footsteps Inc. is committed to professional, timely and safe transports.

Contact Detail

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