Emergent Care

Our Emergent Care residential program is designed to support infants, children and/or youth who has experienced crisis within their family and has therefore required the protective services of authorities. These children are at great risk for a host of emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social and physical problems related to neglect or traumatic abuse. Yet each of these children will have unique combinations of strength and vulnerability; and each deserves the opportunity for placement and services that match their needs. This is a challenge under optimal situations. Our program includes a well-defined structure to create a sense of stability, predictability and security for those impacted by crisis. Although placements in the Emergent Care program are generally 72-hours in length, we are able to accommodate placements on a longer-term or as needed basis to minimize the disruption of multiple placements.

Contact Detail

24hrs Crisis Line: 780.340.7426

Phone: 780.462.7426 (780-4MARIAM) | 780.413.6856
Fax: 780.413.6857


202 - 3128 Parsons Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6N 1L6