Company History

It all started in 2009, there was a crisis in Children’s Services where an abundance of children, not able to reside with their natural families, were being housed in hotel rooms. The founders of Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. decided that it was our responsibility to help. Our late patriarch (Bobby) and his wife (Judy), who were already long-term foster parents, knew that children deserved better opportunities. On a family camping expedition, four brothers with their two wives (who already were dedicated to the field) dreamed and planned for a new way for children. It was on this trip that the idea of Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. came alive and within three months, our agency was incorporated; and just a few short months later, we were blessed with our first client.

From humble beginnings as a one program organization, Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. has grown since 2009 to become an established multifaceted service provider dedicated to all persons and communities in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

In the late 2000’s, our organization provided a diverse culture group care program to children and youth who were unable, for a variety of reasons, to reside with their family unit and/or their community. Through this program, we came to learn that while there was, and continues to be, an over-representation of aboriginal people in the children’s services sector, there was a vast under-representation of culturally knowledgeable and diverse services. It was because of our experiences with out youth, their families and our communities, that we envisioned a spectrum of services designed to empower and meet the unique needs of all cultures, abilities and diversities.

The next number of years brought significant transition to Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. as we began to realize our vision. In recognizing the value of similar organizations in our community, Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. merged services with other prominent agencies in order to provide a breadth of client and family focused services. The collaboration began our transition from simply providing group living programs to encompassing services for families, vulnerable adults, communities and professionals. Our learnings, both from experience and members within the cultural community, have led Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. through a journey where our clients, communities and staff, remain dedicated and passionate about creative and collaborative services to enhance individual and community well-being.

In addition to having a strong presence in our geographical community and throughout the human services area, Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. provides occasions for connection, growth and healing. Through our range of services, all diversities are able to come together to experience inclusive and seamless programs and activities. Mariam’s Footsteps Inc. is a cornerstone for programs and experiences which enhance the unity of our community, the dignity and wellness of our people and promote family and community unity.